François Hollande’s relationship with Julie Gayet ‘returns over two years’


The connection between President François Hollande and the on-screen character Julie Gayet returns for more than two years, Closer magazine said on Friday.

The magazine, which uncovered the issue seven days prior, said that the 41-year-old on-screen character had been acquainted with Mr Hollande by his previous accomplice Ségolène Royal in 2011 when he was a front-running presidential competitor.

Their sentimental undertaking can be followed back in any event a year to December 2012, Closer stated, however their relationship was at that point “personal” during the presidential battle in the spring of that year.

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In the mean time, Ms Gayet, ending her quiet about the issue, has officially denied in an announcement to Europe 1 radio reports that she is four months pregnant. An unsourced talk of her pregnancy, which showed up quickly on a French blog, was gotten by some remote media recently.

President Hollande, it developed today, paid a first visit to his official accomplice, Valérie Trierweiler in medical clinic in Paris the previous evening. Ms Trierweiler had grumbled to companions that Mr Holande had neglected to visit her for six days. Sources in the Elysée Palace said the president had been following clinical counsel.

Closer magazine distributed a two-page record of the Hollande-Gayet relationship today under the feature: “They have cherished each other for a long time”.

The couple were first observed together at an enormous condo close to the Elysée Palace in December 2012, the magazine said. They moved their gatherings somewhere else when the attendant of the structure attempted to photo them together.

After a break the previous Spring, when Valérie Trierweiler got suspicious, the undertaking continued in June, Closer said. A little loft in the Rue du Cirque (carnival road), 200 meters from the Elysée Palace, opened up.

“From that minute onwards, the head of state and the on-screen character were continually together, visiting the loft around multiple times,” Closer said.

It was outside the structure in the Rue du Cirque that President Hollande, 59, was shot, camouflaged in a huge dark engine cycle protective cap, on the morning of 31 December.

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