Explore the Appealing Highlights With The Cheapest Flight Tickets to Cairo


Are you one of those wanderers who like to dig deep into the ancient charm of a city whose olden times are still on the loose? There are myriad destinations on the planet that whose history dates back to more than thousands of years ago, but Cairo is one such city that has been witnessing a major chunk of the travelers from all over the world. If truth be told, it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world that cast a spell on every history buff. Recognized as the capital of Egypt, Cairo is the city knows how to live and no other city can be more enigmatic, welcoming and fascinating than the Egyptian capital. It’s also known by the name of “Umm al-Dunya”, which means “the mother of the world.” Founded in 969 AD, Cairo is regarded as the second largest in the African continent after the Nigerian capital, Lagos.

Why Cairo?

Cairo is one of the most sought destinations for the tourists who want to travel back in time just to feel the enigmatic epoch when the Greeks and Romans were regular visitors to the city. This city takes a deep sense of pride for being home to some of the phenomenal attractions on Earth which entice a flock of backpackers from far and wide like El Giza, the Nile, the Egyptian Museum, Opera House and the Cairo Citadel. Your city break to this vibrant African city would be deemed incomplete if you don’t take visit these tourist highlights which still live to tell the ancient tales.

There are a huge number of people who go by the notion that Cairo is all about exploring  https://apnews.com/686f12b167e96f630ce7fc22faea45bb pyramids and other magnificent monuments, but there is more than just discovering these highlights for which this striking city is so renowned. It can, in fact, be contemplated a potpourri of theaters, events, art galleries, exhibition houses, historical museums and the list does not come to a close. If you really look forward to get up, close and personal with the undying charm of this city, some of the places of interest are worth a visit. They would let you take cheap flights to Cairo.

Going on a holiday to Cairo would really be a treat for the history enthusiasts. This is because of the fact that they would be spoiled for choice. They might get perplexed about their journey as to where to start from. The legendary pyramids and the Sphinx are a must visit in Giza. Giza is literally brimming with mind-blowing archaeological sites that would simply blow your mind.

There are many adventure seekers who book the in advance so that they can embark on their journey to one of the world’s greatest ancient civilizations. Flights to Cairo operate from some of the major UK airports like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle. With a British Airways (BA) flight, you can fly nonstop from London Heathrow LHR to Cairo International Airport CAI. You can be in the city in just 5 hours. You must compare flight tickets to Cairo prior to choosing a reasonable one.

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