Dark Anchors in The Elder Scrolls Online


Dark Anchors in The Elder Scrolls Online

Although you can see and hear a Dark Anchor dropping from the sky even from great distances you should know they only appear at specific locations called Dolmens, scattered throughout all areas of Tamriel. Once you discover a Dolmen it will show on your map at all times, but it won’t show you if it has an active anchor. For that you have to go there yourself.

When you find an active Dark Anchor you can go to it and participate in the fight of taking it down.

Destroying Dark Anchors

Players that want to participate in the destruction of a Dark Anchor have to fight multiple waves of incoming Daedric guardians that protect the anchor. These enemies are rather powerful so it’s best to wait until a larger group of players gathers and fight them together.

Once enough Daedra are killed, the anchor’s pinions will appear. Each pinion must be filled by killing Daedra nearby. When it’s filled a player has to activate it and it will drop into the ground. When 4 out of the pinions are gone, players must fight and defeat a powerful Daedra. Saints Row: The Third Remastered Received An Official Trailer Announcement And It Looks Awesome

The Anchor will be destroyed when all 5 pinions are deactivated. If you the players don’t deactivate the pinions, Daedric enemies will spawn continuously and the Anchor remains active until all the pinions are gone. If everything is done right, the fight shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.


If you’ve participated in the destruction of a Dark Anchor you will receive an achievement once the fight is done. Also, with each Anchor you destroy you will increase your rank with the Fighters Guild. The Daedra you kill also grant a decent amount of experience and the loot they drop is somewhat better than regular mobs you find in the world.

The good news is, you can go and destroy the same Anchor as many times as you’d like and reap all the benefits just like the first time. Also, the Anchors offer some content variation, so you don’t get bored by doing only quests as you try to level up. The animations and effects during a Dark Anchor fight are quite impressive, especially at the end of the fight when the Anchor crumbles down.

Also, as ESO’s creators intended, Dark Anchors will constantly remind players of the terrible danger Tamriel is currently facing and perhaps offer a new way of grouping up with other players.

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