Benefits of PMP Certification for Improving a business


Benefits of PMP Certification for Improving a business


Project Management Professional (PMP) is a professional certification that has been accepted globally. It is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI), it is a non-profit organisation located in the US. PMP is considered important for the project managers. Especially for the people aiming for a better career path. PMP is known to be the most difficult exam. The exams are not just about the concept memory but also its application. You’ll get 200 questions which you need to answer in 240 minutes. It becomes a nightmare even for a seasoned project manager. There is even a time difference as in how long a candidate takes to qualify the exam, some take 2-3 months of preparation to qualify and some do not qualify with a year of practice. The importance and the high title, it carries is all due to its difficulty. It requires extreme hard work to qualifying and keeping this certificate. Therefore, PMP does need immense amount of dedication and hard work but the results carry high satisfaction than any other.


Requirements for PMP exam requirements


  • Must have a secondary degree (high school, diploma or associate’s degree)
  • Must have 7,500 hours of leading and directing projects in a team
  • It also needs 35 hours of project management.
  • It will also work with a four year degree.
  • Leading and directing 4,500 projects


Benefits of PMP Certification for Improving Business


  1. It is one of the first professional certification which is globally acknowledged as a mark of quality management systems.
  2. It helps them in improving and enhancing professionally and allows them to move forward while providing them with basic knowledge and skills on project management.
  3. The PMP Certification makes use of best practices in the project to maintain discipline.
  4. PMP certification was the first designed credential for project managers. PMI has been providing project management certifications over 25 years.
  5. PMI helps in setting high standards by providing certification of project managers.
  6. It validates their credibility to the customers; it proves that they meet independently verified standard of practice.
  7. This Certification program ensures that they compete in fair and valid measures to achieve their certification. It comes with a scenario based multiple choice examination format.
  8. It provides high customer satisfaction. It ensures that all the requirements and necessary needs of the customers are met and fulfilled.
  9. It improves and enhances the communication between the team members.
  10. Project management certification helps in improving the collaboration. With the help of project management, it makes easy to collaborate. It helps to adapt to changes quickly. It also helps to manage risks efficiently without putting any harm on the project.
  11. It ensures that the project is successful and that it results in high quality product.
  12. It helps an immense amount of time for the organisation by completing the project quickly and efficiently. It also prevents the wastage of expenses.


Benefits of PMP Certification for Individuals:


  1. Amongst all other Certifications, PMP Certification carries the most importance. Recruiters looking for a project manage are aware of this fact which is why they prioritise the candidates with a PMP Certificate over the others who do not have PMP Certification. As the demand for project manager is increasing at incredible rate. There are too many candidates to filter so they use the criteria of PMP Certification of candidates. Therefore, PMP certificates acts beneficial in this way.


  1. PMP Certification is globally accepted and popularised. PMP Certification can work with any industry and in any location. It has been proved by data that with increased number of certified project managers in a company the projects success rate also increases considerably. And it is also recognised by the organisations and companies that certified project managers can complete the project quickly with right amount of budget.


  1. There are a lot of project managers around the world to be able stand out from the rest of them, the best way will be to get PMP Certification. It makes your resume stand out amongst the other and makes it noticeable by the recruiters. It also helps you learn various important skills to top your career. PMP Certification not only requires hard skills but also soft skills. It can teach you several different new tricks and techniques in project management activities.


Professionals take PMP Certification as a beneficial factor. It makes your resume look way more attractive in the eyes of the recruiters. It also helps you enhance your skills and techniques along the way which is extremely necessary to top in your career.


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